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Writing Press Releases That Get Attention

One technique to improve the chances of your press release getting published is to provide tips and advice that would help the reader. Editors are always looking for valuable info to fill their pages.

For example, I wrote a press release as a short article that explains 8 ways business people can make their advertising more responsive. Within 48 hours of the article’s release to the media, I had offers from Target Marketing and Sales Promotion magazine to publish it.

When writing press releases, keep the following in mind:

1) Your press release must relate to something genuinely newsworthy. It cannot be an ad announcing your products or services. Editors look for info that is interesting, timely, useful or controversial. Human-interest stories are also appealing.

2) Set your goals higher when writing a press release. Don’t settle for just getting your company’s name in print. That has no more selling power than a listing in the White Pages. Put yourself in the place of the news editor and ask yourself “Does this information serve the needs and wants of my readers? Would they find it interesting or helpful?” If you can’t answer with a “Yes,” then go back and rewrite your press release until you can.

3) Spend time creating a powerful, eye-catching headline. You have only seconds to grab the attention of an editor. If you have a weak, self-serving headline, your press release gets tossed into the trashcan. Again, concentrate the headline on the benefits of the information.

4) Writing press releases requires clear, concise language. Don’t load it with adjectives or fluffy words. Make your point quickly then move on to the next.

5) Offer a free booklet, sample or demo. This can attract qualified leads for your business. Be sure to include your contact info so readers can easily follow up on your offer.

6) Optimize your press release for search engines. Use keywords and phrases that would be used by your target market.

By following these guidelines you'll find writing press releases a lot easier, and it will substantially increase your chances of getting published.

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