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"David has proven himself to be an asset to the B2B marketing communications team when he helped with the professional launch of an international service program. He was proactive in helping to make the launch successful. His writing was highly benefit oriented and sharply focused on our target market. In short, I will be happy to work with Dave again, and I recommend him wholeheartedly."

Petra Roth

Marketing Communications Manager
Process Instruments
Thermo Fisher Scientific
YouTube Video
"I gave David a very basic outline of the message that we wanted to deliver and he developed a compelling story of the value of our business. He did an exceptional job of getting to know our business and was able to quickly come up with great ideas. The level of service was outstanding. I would recommend him without question."

Jennifer Serrano

Cloud & Government Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Strategist
Video Content Planning: A Guide for B2B Marketers
"Some of the most effective, quick tips I've seen yet on B2B video marketing."

Jeff Molander
Author of "Off-the-Hook Marketing"
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I know you're busy. So let me get straight to it.  When you hire me as your B2B copywriter, you get:

- 20 years of copywriting experience and a professional who has operated his own marketing communications firm since 2001.  Not a newbie copywriter that's often "here today, gone tomorrow."

- Marketing knowledge and skills certified by the DMA, the largest multichannel marketing organization in the world. You get a writer who knows the strengths of each medium and crafts copy for maximize response.

- Knowhow and experience to write for virtually all marketing channels -- print, web, email, social media, and video.  No need to find and manage multiple writers. A convenient, one-stop copy shop is right here.

- A social media marketing strategist certified by SMMU -- winner of the Gold Stevie Award for Best Training Site in the 9th Annual International Business Awards.  A pro who can write as well as strategize and manage your social media marketing activities.

I understand how important it is for you to outsource projects to a trustworthy, effective specialist who delivers on time.

I used to be on your side of the desk -- responsible for developing B2B marketing communications for a large company. I had to hire marketing vendors, and I know what a disaster it can be to your budget and your time when a vendor doesn't live up to expectations.

If you value quality copywriting and need a writer who... understands the niche sectors and long sales cycles of the B2B world... will work with you as a supportive, problem-solving partner... takes the time to understand your target audience, then contact me today.

No obligation, just a conversation -- to see if I can help you achieve your marketing goals, just like I did for these professionals..
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